The Underground Missile Silo

The underground missile silo.  Ah!  But of course!  Much ado has been made about the missile silo as lair concept.  The ony trouble here is the long memory of the US government.  Unless you have a minion in the employ of  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers who can erase the address of your  “F.U.D.S.” (Formerly Used Defense Sites)these de-commissioned nuclear sites are on the FED’S radar.  You’ll be hard pressed to overthrow the government while residing in their bunkers.  

If, however, you do have a mind-eraser, then BUY NOW.  “No more structures of this type are currently being built.  The missile sites de-commissioned after 1965 are being imploded to conform to international treaties.  These are rare and collectible real estate offerings.”